Cyclops (Sins)
Portrayed By Patrick Wilson
Appearance "Sins of the Past"
Affiliations Xena, Gabrielle, Mannius, Sphinx, Ophelia
Series Xena: Warrior Princess

Conjunctivus, also known as Flyer, was a Cyclops and one-time foe of Xena. He was blinded by Xena during her warlord days, and many years later, met Gabrielle. He captured Gabrielle and planned to eat her, but she managed to talk her way out of it, claiming that she was trying to find and kill Xena (of whom she convinced him she had a dislike for), and that when she does, she will give her to him.[1]

Years later, Conjunctivus again ran across Gabrielle, this time while in the service of the lamia Ophelia. In Ophelia's lair, Conjunctivus was severely burned by Xena before escaping.[2]

Conjunctivus was later employed by the Sphinx, where he was teamed up with Mannius, a former aide to Xena. Mannius gave Conjunctivus the nickname Flyer, and they later assisted Xena in taking down the Sphinx.[3]

He continued his teamwork with Mannius even after the Sphinx's final death.[4]

Background informationEdit

This Cyclops was unnamed in "Sins of the Past" and his name comes from the short story "Bard and Breakfast". In Ru Emerson's novels, he is given the nickname Flyer and it is implied that he has no real name.


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