Chesnik Bloodicarr Morloch
Prince Morloch
Portrayed By Sandy Winton
Appearance "Dangerous Prey"
Affiliations Amazons, Xena, Varia
Series XWP
Cause of Death Impalement
Killed By Xena

Prince Chesnik Bloodicarr Morloch was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was a misogynist and hunted the Amazons and challenged them to send their best women to defeat him. He owned a weapon that acted in the same way as the Chakram, in the sense that it ricocheted off objects and returned to the thrower. He also stated that he is from Upper Scheherazadestan.

When he killed Marga, she used her dying words to ask Xena to look after Varia and train her to become Queen, Varia and Xena set out to take down Morloch. He was then killed by Xena.



  1. "Dangerous Prey"