Portrayed By Tony Blackett
Appearance HTLJ "Centaur Mentor Journey"
Affiliations Cassius, Asclepius, Hercules, Theseus, Jason
Series HTLJ
Cause of Death Old Age

Ceridian the Centaur was a teacher and mentored many important students including: Hercules, Jason, Asclepius and Theseus. Hercules once told him that he was the best father anyone could have.

When he was near death, Ceridian asked Hercules to help him with a former student named Cassius who was about to begin a war. Hercules managed to stop the war and Cassius, Hercules and Theseus were all present when Ceridian died.

Ceridian's role as mentor and father figure to several heroes properly belongs to Cheiron. Ceridian has no other parallels in mythology.


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