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Castor, Winner Take All.jpg
Portrayed By Grae Burton
Series Young Hercules
Only Appearance "Winner Take All"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Demi-God
Cause of Death stabbing
Killed By Lucius
Affiliations Pollux
Sons of Zeus
Mother Leda
Father Zeus
Brother(s) Pollux
Sister(s) Helen of Troy

Castor of Sparta was a famed son of Zeus and athlete, noted for accompanying his brother Pollux.

Castor and his twin brother Pollux were born to Zeus and a mortal mother, Leda. They were raised in a small village outside of Sparta.

Castor accompanied his brother Pollux to many sporting events across Greece, including games in Amphipolis, an early form of the Olympic Games, and the Corinthian Games. It was in Corinth that Castor first fully met Hercules, who joined him in Pollux in the Gymkhana relay[1].

Shortly after, Castor returned home to his mother Leda. He was killed in a temple by Lucius, framing Pollux in the process. Pollux gave up fighting after Castor's death[2]

Background informationEdit

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