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Castor once a hero
Portrayed By Peter Feeney
Appearance "Once a Hero"
Affiliations Argonauts
Blood-Eye Cult
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cause of Death Impaled on Sword
Killed By Jason

Castor of Argos was a famed Argonaut, noted for his acrobatic skill. He attempted to become the king of Argos. (HTLJ: "Once a Hero")

Castor was amongst the crew of the Argo when the Golden Fleece was found, although he didn't meet Hercules until after the voyage. (HTLJ: "Once a Hero", YH: "Winner Take All")

In the ten years after the voyage of the Argonauts, Castor gained a hatred and jealousy of Jason's success. After Jason's family was killed by Medea, Castor, a devout Hera worshipper, became leader of Hera's Blood-Eye Cult. He impersonated a demon and appeared to Jason, driving him into alcoholism and madness. Castor attended the Argonaut reunion and was amongst the crew on the second voyage of the Argo to seek out the Golden Fleece (which he had stolen with assistance from Marcus and other members of the Blood-Eye Cult). He secretly murdered the Argonauts Lycinus, Valerus and Otus, before "regaining" the fleece and proclaiming himself as King of Argos. Upon Jason's suggestion, he fought Jason for the throne and was impaled on his sword. (HTLJ: "Once a Hero")


Background informationEdit

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