Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance XWP: "The King of Assassins"
Location Greece
Inhabitants Warlord

The Castle belonged to a rich warlord next to the beach. It was here Autolycus and Jett were going to steal the jeweled sword from the warlords vault. They succeed but sent on the alarm which led to that the warlord run into the vault chamber. Autolycus stood still but Jett didn't hesitated and shot him with an crossbow.

Vault SecurityEdit

The vault chamber had high security for the jeweled sword. Of course, Autolycus knew how the system worked but a drop of water from his chin touched the pressure plate when he was above the sword, which the jeweled sword were balanced on. It was then the alarm went on and spikes came from the walls towards the point were the sword were standing, but Autolycus managed to get out of the area. 


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