Carminus in "Endgame"
Portrayed By Stephen Butterworth
Created By Steven L. Sears
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "A Good Day"
Last Appearance "Endgame"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Residence Rome, Italia
Race Human (mortal)
Cause of Death Stabbed
Killed By Xena
Affiliations Pompey, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Xena
Carminus was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was Pompey's right-hand man and second-in-command.

Carminus helped Pompey wage his army into battle against Julius Caesar and Xena. He also helped Pompey try to kidnap numerous Amazons to fund his army for a civil against Caesar.

When Brutus' army started their attack on Pompey's Army, Xena broke through the battlefield to reach to Pompey, he tried to stop Xena but she killed him quickly before facing Pompey.