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By the Sword
Herc 1 By the Sword
Hercules holding the Fire
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Publisher Boulevard Books
Antagonist Zorin
Setting Markan, Arclin's kingdom, Year 1
Reference(s) ISBN 1-57297-198-3
Chapters 20
Pages 214
Release Date October 1996
Author Timothy Boggs
Book Chronology
Order in Series 1
Order in Publication 1
Next Book Serpent's Shadow

"Life is like a bowl of granola and acorns: it may be good for you, but the nuts are more fun."

―Lionel Fenn, opening quotation

Hercules is sent on a mission by Hermes to recover the sword of Zeus and prevent Hephaestos from destroying mankind.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Calling on all of his elemental powers, Hephaestos, God of Fire, forged a mighty sword of fire for his king, Zeus. But in a bold move, marauders have stolen the magical blade. Now it is up to Hercules jfvbnnkmzeus es el pito amo


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Background InformationEdit

  • This book markes the first in-continuity appearances by Hephaestus and Hermes, released prior to their episodic appearances in "Love Takes a Holiday" and "Porkules." However, Hephaestus is married to Aphrodite in the novel, setting it after "Love Takes a Holiday."
  • Iolaus does not appear nor is referenced in the novel.

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