Herc statue

The Hercules Statue

Had a hammer 07

The Statue saves Atalanta

This Hercules Statue was created by Atalanta while she was pining for the real Hercules. Once completed, Hephaestus brought the statue to life. In appearance, it looked exactly like the real Hercules but it had an infant-like intelligence which Discord used to her advantage. She had the statue terrorize a town and try to kill Hercules. During the fight, Hercules threw the statue into Atalanta's forge where it lost it's life-like appearance. It retained its loyalty to Atalanta, however, walking from the flames to save her life after Discord set the building ablaze.



  • In its life-like form, the statue was played by Kevin Sorbo. In it's metal form, the statue was a CG performer voiced by Kevin Sorbo.

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