Portrayed By Uncredited Voice Actor
Appearance "The Lady and the Dragon"
Affiliations Adamis
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Braxus was a young dragon from the island of Tarsus. He was befriended by the warlord Adamis after his mother died, but Braxus didn't realize that it was Adamis who killed her. The warlord raised Braxus as a killer and planned to have him kill Hercules because the hero had exiled him for ten years to Tarsus. Eventually, Hercules helped prove to Braxus that Adamis was the true enemy. Braxus killed Adamis with a blast of fiery breath and flew back to Tarsus.



  • Braxus was a digital character created by Flat Earth Productions.
  • He was voiced by an unknown and uncredited actor.

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