Book of Fate
Book of fates
Owner(s) The Norns
First Appearance HTLJ: "Norse By Norsevest"
Last Appearance HTLJ: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge"

The Book of Fate is kept by the Norn. In it, she records all the histories and destinies of mortals and gods alike. Like the Olympian Fates, the Norn catalogs the past, present and future of all mortals and gods in the Norseland. She paints what she sees in the Book of Fate, but even the Asgardian gods forget that the Norn only paints the present a few moments before it happens. Thus, in spite of its name, the Book of Fate can't actually be used to predict the future. The book can be used to literally rewrite history by repainting earlier scenes, though Hercules and the Norn herself are the only people who know this is possible.

Loki once forged a page from the Book of Fate to as part of his plot to kill his brother Balder and begin Ragnarok. Loki's plot began to unravel when Hercules realized that the Book of Fate was about the present and the past, but not the future (and thus, Loki must have planned the whole thing). He then travelled back in time to prevent Balder's death by repainting the relevant pages.

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