Castle at Bethos
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Only Appearance "A Star to Guide Them"
Location Thessaly
Inhabitants Captain
Queen Maliphone
King Polonius

Bethos is a town or city within Bethos Province and was the seat of the House of Polonius. According to succession laws, the people of Bethos may elect a new king if their king were to die without a living male heir.

During the last days of Polonius's rule, and at the urging of Queen Maliphone following a prophecy from the Oracle of Delphi, all the male newborns within the province were to be rounded up and brought to the castle at Bethos, to secure the ascension of Polonius' unborn child over any other.

However, Polonius was killed by Trinculos, and Queen Maliphone exiled before giving birth. Due to the succession law, an election was to be held. According to the Oracle, the successor to Polonius would be an unrelated newborn child.

Background informationEdit

Bethos was based on the town of Bethlehem in Israel. However, the episode was set in or around Thessaly (the home of Uris, who never left the Bethos Province before). Hercules and Iolaus also spend much of the episode traveling "North" and the village of Larissa (a real world Thessalian city) is mentioned as being within the Province.

Bethos was mentioned alternately as both a town or city. A map of the Bethos Province showed Bethos at the tip of a peninsula pointing northward, which doesn't match the real-world Thessaly nor the location of Larissa.

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