Portrayed By Joel Tobeck
Series HTLJ
Cause of Death Impaled
Killed By Hercules
Affiliations King Pelos
Father Pelos

Beraeus was the son of King Pelos of Zebron. After his father's death he became King of Zebron. He desired a woman named Ramina to be his queen and so ordered her to marry him but Ramina was in love with Tarlus. Tarlus staged a kidnapping to help Ramina escape and Beraeus asked Hercules and Iolaus to help get her back. The heroes did help to return Ramina and Beraeus was almost able to marry her before Hercules and Iolaus realized the truth and helped Tarlus to rescue her.

Beraeus held Ramina hostage and was about to kill her to prevent anyone else from marrying her. Hercules was forced to kill him to save her.





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