Portrayed By Jeffrey Thomas
Appearance HTLJ "Gladiator"
Affiliations Menas Maxius
Cause of Death Sword wound
Killed By Hercules

Bellicus was the brutal head guard who worked for Menas Maxius and his wife Postera. He oversaw the keeping of the prisoner-slaves who were made to fight in gladiatorial games. He delighted in brutality and when Hercules and Iolaus allowed themselves to be captured in order to find Gladius he beat them both badly. He was responsible for killing Leutis and Turkos. Later, when Hercules and Gladius rebelled and freed all the slaves, he and Hercules had a brief fight. Hercules offered him the chance to surrender but when he wouldn't, Hercules ran Bellicus through with a sword.

Bellicus was played by Jeffrey Thomas, who would later play Jason.

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