The Battle of Corinth
Satrina's betrayal costs Borias his life
Also Known As The War at Corinth
Xena Vs. The Centaurs
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Type War
Deaths Borias
The Battle of Corinth was a fierce war between the Centaurs and Xena's & Borias's Army. The war was over Ixion's Stone. The Centaurs and Xena's Army clashed whilst they were searching for the Stone and the war began. Kaleipus lead the primary Centaur attack, with Tildus leading his own army as the secondary back-up attack.

Xena was heavily pregnant at the time with Borias's son. When she went into labor, a fight broke out between Borias and Xena's right-hand man, Dagnine. Whilst trying to reach his newborn son, Borias was killed by Dagnine. Upon learning of Borias's death, Xena realized that it is wrong to put a child through a life of violence and death, and knowing he would be a target for all of her enemies, she gave him up to the Centaurs, where he was raised and parented by them.

When Xena returned to Corinth years later, it was under attack. The methods that Xena used to siege Corinth at the Battle were being used against her. Xena's servant, Satrina, who assisted her in giving birth, was revealed to have been behind the attacks. She revealed how she stabbed Borias in the leg to prevent him from getting to Solan and how she plotted against Xena for years. Satrina's revelations proved how Borias lost the fight between him and Dagnine.


The Battle of Corinth became infamous throughout Greece. Many who met Xena after this referred to her as Xena of Corinth, obviously hearing of her efforts there. Xena had also come across the families of people that had perished in the battle, such as Sphaerus and Cycnus, the family of Stentor, who died trying to make peace (although, Cycnus, his warlord father, believed that Xena was responsible).

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