King Barus
Portrayed By Ross Jolly
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance For Him the Bell Tolls
Gender Male
Residence Greece
Affiliations King Lynaeus

King Barus was the father of the princess Ileandra.

He discovered that Ileandra run away with her lover Sarpedon from King Lynaeus kingdom, but later only to discover that she was in the hands of a stranger. Then Barus and Lynaeus ended their friendship and disgusted each other. King Barus were concerned and worried for Ileandra and then one of his men told that she had been captured by Lynaeus. He acted and took a horse to Lynaeus kingdom to retrieve her and when he got there, there was a battle between Joxer and Lynaeus. She was fine and later there was calm and Barus and Lynaeus were friends again.

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