Augean Stables
Reign terror augean stable
Aphrodite and Palamedes in the Stables
Only Appearance HTLJ "Reign of Terror"
Location Elis, Greece

The Augean Stables were in Elis. They were named for the king of Elis, King Augeus. According to Salmoneus, in Hercules' youth, the hero cleaned out the stables. Salmoneus came up with a plan to sell manure from the stables with the celebrity endorsement of Hercules but as with most of Salmoneus's schemes, Hercules did not play along.

The stable master was Palamedes.


  • In mythology, cleaning out the Augean Stables was the fifth labor of Hercules. The stables housed over 1000 cattle and had not been cleaned in over 30 years. Hercules diverted two rivers to wash out the filth in a single day.