Portrayed By Bruce Phillips
Appearance HTLJ "Under the Broken Sky"
Affiliations Lucina
Jason, son of Atticus
Marcus, son of Atticus

Atticus was a farmer from the Istrian Valley. With his wife, Lucina, he had two sons: Jason and Marcus. Both of his children were killed when a fever swept through the Istrian Valley. Following their deaths, Lucina left home. Atticus followed her to Enola where he found her working in a "Pleasure Palace." On his first night in town, Atticus was beaten up by Pilot's goons who also stole his money pouch. The following morning, Hercules found Atticus and helped to have his wounds treated. The hero then retrieved Atticus' money pouch from Pilot. Together, Hercules and Atticus were able to convince Lucina that she should go home and re-build her life with her husband.


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