Palace at Attica in "King For A Day"
First Appearance HTLJ "King For a Day"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Long Live the King"
Location Greece

Attica is the kingdom ruled by Iolaus' cousin, King Orestes, and his wife Queen Niobe.

Attica (or part of it) was also ruled by King Cecrops at some point. Ishtar's mummy was stolen and brought to Attica where Salmoneus included it in his House of Horrors (HTLJ "Mummy Dearest").

Attica's closest neighbours were Garantis and Marathon. Before he was killed, King Orestes proposed a peace treaty that would unite the kingdoms (HTLJ "Long Live the King").

Attica is the name of the region of Greece surrounding Athens. Far from being a separate entity, Attica was merely the state lands of Athens, and was thus subject to Athenian democracy.


Rulers of AtticaEdit


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