Atropos in "Judgment Day"
Portrayed By Elizabeth Pendergrast
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Remember Nothing" (XWP)
"Judgment Day" (HTLJ)
Last Appearance "When Fates Collide" (XWP)
Also Known As The Crone, Morta (Roman Mythology)
Affiliations The Three Fates
Mother Themis or Nyx (mythology)
Father Zeus or no father
Sister(s) Clotho, Lachesis

One of the Three Fates, Atropos, often called "the Crone" because she appears as an old woman, is responsible for cutting the life threads of mortals when it is time for them to die.

She once told Ares that she would not cut Hercules's thread, as Zeus had decreed that no single God could order his death. (HTLJ "Judgment Day").


Atropos was played by Elizabeth Pendergrast. Of the actresses playing the Fates, Pendergrast was the only one to play her role in all of the characters' appearances.



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