The Argonauts are a group of heroes. They were given the name because the ship they travelled on during their most famous mission to find the Golden Fleece was called the Argo. (Young Hercules)

Ten years after their famous journeys, the Argonauts held a reunion in Argos. After the Golden Fleece was seemingly stolen again, some of the Argonauts set out on a second expedition to retrieve it, with Phoebe, daughter of the Argonaut Lycinus, joining them. (HTLJ: "Once a Hero").

Several of the Argonauts were guests at the wedding of Alcmene and Jason where they fought off a group of mercenaries hired by Patronius to disrupt the ceremony (HTLJ "The Wedding of Alcmene").


Background informationEdit

Other than Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason, none of the Argonauts shown in "Once a Hero" appear in the film Young Hercules.

Aside from Hercules and Jason, not one of characters named as Argonauts (Greek: Αργοναύται) were actually among them in mythology – not even Iolaus. Ironically many characters listed amongst Argonauts, or characters bearing the same names, appear in the Xenaverse anyway:



Excluding appearances by Argonauts Jason, Hercules and Iolaus.