Ares Monster
Ares episode 13
Portrayed By Mark Newnham
Al Chalk (voice)
Appearance "Ares"
Affiliations Ares
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cause of Death Stabbed with sword covered with Ares' blood
Killed By Hercules

The Ares Monster was the form Ares took during an encounter with Hercules in the village of Fallia.


  • "Ares Monster" is a fanon term for the character; he is referred to in the credits and merchandise as simply "Ares". Some fans have gone as far as to suggest that this is his "true" form, but this is speculation at best.
  • The Ares monster was immortalized in plastic by ToyBiz as the Ares: with Detachable Weapons of War action figure.
  • Ares took this appearance prior to Kevin Smith being cast in XWP: "The Reckoning". At the time this version appeared, Ares was apparently envisaged to operate much like his mother: through proxies, agents and monsters.

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