In "Once a Hero"
Portrayed By Tim Raby
First Appearance HTLJ "Once a Hero"
Last Appearance HTLJ "The Wedding of Alcmene"
Gender Male
Race Mortal
Affiliations Argonauts

Archivus was one of the Argonauts who sailed with Jason to bring the Golden Fleece to Argos. He was a bard and he recorded the details of the Argonauts' heroics. Ten years later, he was part of the second expedition of the Argo when Castor and the Blood-Eye Cult stole the Golden Fleece.

Sometime later, Archivus and the other Argonauts were guests at the wedding of Jason and Alcmene. They had to fight off a group of mercenaries that were hired to disrupt the ceremony by Patronius (HTLJ "The Wedding of Alcmene").


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