First Appearance HTLJ "The Warrior Princess"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Armageddon Now"
Location Greece

Arcadia, also known as the Arcadian Highlands, was an area targeted for attack by Xena and her army. It was home to the farmer Petrakis (HTLJ "The Warrior Princess").

Demetrius told Alcmene that he was a successful farmer in the Arcadian Highlands when he was wooing her to get closer to Hercules (HTLJ "The Mother of All Monsters").

Arcadia was the first place the Sovereign visited after being released from the Netherworld by Ares and Callisto. He flew into a rampage, attacking several Arcadians until Hercules and Iolaus were able to stop him (HTLJ "Armageddon Now").

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