Portrayed By Galyn Görg
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Affiliations Egypt, Rameses III, Ishtar
Father Rameses III
Other Family Ishtar (ancestor)

Princess Anuket of Egypt was the daughter of Pharaoh Rameses III. She traveled to Greece to find Hercules in the hopes that he would help her locate the missing Mummy of her ancestor Ishtar. The fact that Anuket kept slaves clashed with Hercules's ideals. He eventually brought her to understand that slavery was wrong and she granted her head slave Keb freedom as he was dying.

Anuket used the Ankh that had been buried with Ishtar to help Hercules defeat the Mummy. ("Mummy Dearest")

Background Edit

  • Although Anuket is an authentic Egyptian name, Ramses III's only known daughters were named Meryamun, Meryatum and Duatentopet.
  • Anuket's father Ramses III reigned in the early 1100s BCE, while recurring Xena: Warrior Princess character Cleopatra reigned a thousand years later, in the 1st century BCE.