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Alcmene at Amphitryon's graveside
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "The Mother of All Monsters" (mentioned)
Last Appearance "Armageddon Now" (mentioned)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Residence Corinth
Race Mortal
Cause of Death Killed in Battle
Romances Alcmene
Affiliations King Alcaeus, Alcmene, Alcmene's mother, Iphicles, Rena, Baby of Iphicles and Rena, Hercules
Father King Alcaeus
Son(s) Iphicles
Other Family Alcmene (wife)
Alcmene's mother (mother-in-law)
Rena (daughter-in-law)
Unknown grandchild

Hercules (stepson)

Amphitryon was Alcmene's husband, a High Greek General and the honorable son of King Alcaeus. He was the father of Iphicles. Amphitryon lived with his wife in Corinth until he had to go away to war. He was killed in battle but Zeus took his form and visited Alcmene on the same night Amphitryon died. Zeus impregnated her and she later gave birth to Hercules. Iphicles would later name his own son after his departed father.

Mythologically, Amphitryon actually survived the battle and helped raise Heracles, whom he knew from the start was Zeus's son. He eventually fell in battle against the Minyans and died in his stepson's arms. He was a grandson of Perseus and was in fact Alcmene's uncle as well as her husband.

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