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Althea in Rhumba
Portrayed By Willa O'Neill
Raechel Murgatroyd
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "...And Fancy Free"
Last Appearance "Greece is Burning"
Romances Hercules, Titus of Trendopolis
Affiliations Rhumba, Trendopolis

Althea of Rhumba encountered Hercules on her way to enter the Panathenaic Dance Competition. When she couldn't find a partner to enter with her, Hercules offered himself. After struggling to find a dance teacher, they encountered The Widow Twanky who instructed them well enough that they won the competition (HTLJ "...And Fancy Free").

This article is a stub, or very short article, that is most likely incomplete and needs expansion.


  • "Althea" may derive from the Greek Αλθος, meaning "healing".


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