Alternate Reality
Xena Caesar Alternate Reality
Caesar and Xena in the Alternate Reality
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Inhabitants Xena, Gabrielle, Alti, Julius Caesar, Lao Ma Brutus, Joxer
The Alternate Reality was created by Julius Caesar, after tampering with Xena's fate.

This world depicted Caesar and Xena as the Emperor and Emperess of Rome, respectivley. Gabrielle was a playwrite, who performed "Fallen Angel" (Based on the episode) for Xena and Caesar. Gabrielle was later arrested by the Romans for alleged implications in an assassination attempt on Xena. This was later revealed as a ruse by Caesar to get rid of Gabrielle and prevent Xena and Gabrielle from realising whoever each other were. It is Gabrielle who travels to the Fates to destroy the loom and restore reality to its previous/"original" state.

For obvious personal reasons, Caesar includes Brutus in this world. He manipulates him into a false knowledge that they are great friends, until he kills him - just like Brutus did to Caesar in the real world.

Alti was the High Priestess of Rome. She was also the secret (and jealous) lover of Caesar, who attempted to kill Xena but was stopped by him. Her desire for power got the better of her, when she killed Caesar and Xena in order to gain control of Rome.

Joxer also appears in this world. He is a Roman guard, but doesn't seem to play such a major part. He says that Xena once saved his daughter by allowing her physican to treat her.

Lao Ma is also mentioned by the Monks that are killed by Alti. She is implied to be alive.


  • From the creation of this world, Julius Caesar seems to be the only person who is aware of the fact that they exist in an alternate reality. Alti later realises this too, when she tortures Xena. Memories from the previous/"original" reality are present and she catches on to the alteration. Gabrielle realises that they are not in their own reality, when she travels to the Temple of the Fates and they explain the truth.
  • When the previous/"original" reality is restored, Xena and Gabrielle are both aware of the Alternate Reality, as they are seen commenting on Gabrielle's play.


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