Alexander the Great
First Mention Hercules & Xena Roleplaying Game
Last Mention XWP short story: "The Tenth Wonder of the World"

Alexander was the son of King Philip II of Macedonia and was prophesized to be known one day as Alexander the Great by the Oracle of Delphi.[1]

Eventually, Alexander became known as a famous conqueror and a professional wrestler took the name "Alexander the Greater" in homage to him.[2]

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During early production of Season 4 of Xena: Warrior Princess, Alexander, as well as Sappho and a return of Boadicea was amongst planned characters for the season that were discussed but dropped from the storyline.[5]

The DVD commentary for "Fallen Angel" stated that a "lost episode" was produced featuring Charles Mesure playing Alexander in a supposedly racy manner. This was confirmed by Sharon Delaney to be a running joke between R.J. Stewart and Eric Gruendemann.[6]


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