Princess Alexa
Alexa in her battle garb.
Portrayed By Josephine Davison
Series HTLJ
Only Appearance HTLJ "War Bride"
Gender Female
Residence Alcinea
Race Mortal
Also Known As Queen of Alcinea
Queen of Lathia
Romances Acteon
Affiliations King Tolas
Princess Melissa
Prince Gordius
Prime MinisterActeon
Her Lieutenant
Father Tolas
Sister(s) Melissa
Other Family Gordius (brother-in-law)

Princess Alexa was the daughter of King Tolas of Alcinea. The younger of two sisters, she killed her father and briefly usurped the throne from her elder sister, Princess Melissa, with help from her lover Acteon, Prime Minister of Lathia. She was a ruthless killer who used the Fist of Tolas to kill many innocent Lathians before Hercules and Iolaus were able to stop her and install Melissa as the true queen. She was also willing to commit patricide for power and attempted to sell her own sister into slavery (out of jealousy and spite) and then later attempted to kill her (Sororicide) when that failed.


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