Alcmene's mother
Series HTLJ
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Race Human (mortal)
Cause of Death "a weak heart" (genetic condition)
Romances Alcmene's Father
Affiliations Alcmene
Other Family Alcmene's Father (Husband/Father of Alcmene)
Amphitryon (First Son-in-law)
Alcaeus (First Brother-in-law)
Iphicles (grandson by Alcmene and Amphitryon)
Rena (granddaughter-in-law by Iphicles)
Unknown Great-Grandchild
Hercules (grandson by Alcmene and Zeus)
Deianeira (granddaughter-in-law by Hercules)
Klonus (great-grandson by Hercules and Deianeira)
Aeson (great-grandson by Hercules and Deianeira)
Ilea (great-granddaughter by Hercules and Deianeira)
Jason (Second Son-in-law)
Aeson (Second Brother-in-law)
Seska (Step Granddaughter)

Alcmene's mother was the mother-in-law of Amphitryon (and later Jason), the maternal grandmother of Iphicles and Hercules and the grandmother-in-law to Deianeira and Rena. She was also the maternal-maternal great-grandmother of Hercules and Deianeira's children Klonus, Aeson and Ilea, as well as the child of Iphicles and Rena.

She died of "a weak heart," a genetic condition her daughter would suffer from years later. (HTLJ: "Twilight")

Background InformationEdit

  • Jason's statement of Alcmene's mother's condition implied that she died before Hercules was born.
  • In mythology, Alcmene's mother was named Anaxo. Her parents were Alcaeus (son of Perseus and Andromeda) and Astydameia (daughter of Pelops and Hippodamia). Tantalus was her paternal grandfather. Anaxo's husband, Electryon, was the king of Mycenae (and her own uncle).