Linus Coaches Iolaus on Agoraphobius
Romances Althea (speculated)
Father Arachnophobius
Son(s) Xenophobius
Other Family Oeneus (grandson)
Orestes (elder great-grandson by Oeneus)
Minos (younger great-grandson by Oeneus)
Niobe (great-granddaughter-in-law by Orestes)
Iolaus (great-grandson by Althea-speculated)
Ania (great-granddaughter-in-law by Iolaus)

King Agoraphobius was the ruler of Attica. He succeeded his father, King Arachnophobius. He was himself succeeded in turn by his son King Xenophobius, grandson King Oeneus and finally great-grandson King Orestes of Attica. Iolaus and Orestes speculated that Agoraphobius had had a romantic relationship with Iolaus's Great-Grandmother, Althea, which led to the two men looking so alike.

Episode MentionedEdit

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