For the son of Hercules, see Aeson of Thebes.
Aeson of Corinth
King Aeson on his deathbed
Portrayed By Mike McGee
Noel Trevarthen
Series Young Hercules
First Appearance Young Hercules
Last Appearance "A Lady in Hades"
Also Known As King of Corinth
Cause of Death neck was snapped
Killed By Ares
Affiliations Corinth
Brother(s) Pelias
Son(s) Jason
Other Family Seska (granddaughter)

King Aeson of Corinth was a famed Grecian ruler and father of King Jason. He was poisoned by Ares and lay unconscious for two weeks. This prompted Jason, Hercules and Iolaus to go on a quest for the Golden Fleece to cure him. They did find the Fleece and manage to save Aeson only to have Ares break the king's neck. This left Jason as king of Corinth (Young Hercules).

Jason later met with his father in the Underworld, who was momentarily distraught when he believed his son had died and was not simply visiting with Hercules. (YH: "A Lady in Hades")


Mythologically, Aeson was the son of Tyrella (presented in If the Shoe Fits... as a fictional Cinderella character) and was thus the grandson of Salmoneus. Aeson was the second king of Iolcos. Jason was chased out of Iolcos after he and Medea murdered Aeson's half-brother Pelias (who had murdered Aeson in the first place). Jason became king of Corinth later on.