50 Daughters of King Thespius
Eye beholder 15
The daughters encounter Hercules
Created By Mythological
Andrew Dettman[1]
Barry Pullman[1]
Daniel Truly[1]
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Last Appearance "The Wedding of Alcmene"
Gender Female
Status Alive[2]
Residence Athens[1]
Race Human[1]
Romances Hercules[1]
Father Thespius
Sister(s) Head Sister
Daughter 1
Daughter 2
Daughter 3

Three of the 50 Daughters of King Thespius encountered Hercules in his early days, when their father, Thespius was still First Citizen of Athens. With the aide of Phaedra, they attempted and failed to seduce Hercules.[1]

Years later, all 50 daughters pursued Hercules relentlessly after their father suggested he would make a great father. They all wanted Hercules to sire their children. They were led by the eldest, the Head Sister where they followed him to Traycus. Hercules eventually convinced them that he would only have a child with a woman he loved and she and her sisters turned their attention to Salmoneus.[3]

They were later guests at the wedding of Jason and Alcmene in Corinth where most of them met Domesticles.[2]

List of daughtersEdit


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In the original myths, Hercules took them up on the offer and impregnated all or nearly all of them in one night, resulting in children known as the lesser Heracleidae. Ancient commentators cheekily referred to the incident at his 13th Labor.

Only the original three daughters and the Head Sister were credited. Fifteen of the daughters were portrayed by uncredited actresses and the other thirty-one never appeared onscreen.


The daughters made three appearances, all in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys:

A scene of the daughters from "Eye of the Beholder" was also featured in the opening credits to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.


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